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RAJAT BANSAL ‘Money’ is Lucknow based Advocate. Rajat Bansal ‘Money’ is practicing in all aspects of litigation and non litigation matters mainly into contract condition, commercial transaction, arbitration, property law, construction law, corporate law, due diligence reports and so on, advising on the implication of the criminal law and all aspects of general litigation amongst other matters.

Advocate Rajat Bansal ‘Money’ and team provides services in various fields of Civil Law, Family Law, Claims, Labour Law and Services related matters like Consumer Law, Tenant matters, Cheque Bounce Law and Matrimonial disputes. We deal with Sale Deed/ Will Registration and drafting and vetting of various agreements and documents.

The team of lawyers possesses well proven expertise in handling complex transaction and is constantly aiming at optimum result operation on international time frame. Rajat Bansal ‘Money’ Advocate and team also specializes in depth legal research, drafting or vetting of documents touching contractual law, contract condition, venture, for all industries strategic planning negotiating for and behalf of client also liasioning with government official. Rajat Bansal ‘Money’, Advocate specializes on issue pretending to Divorce laws and Matrimonial Disputes.

Rajat Bansal ‘Money’ Advocate offers their client the most comprehensive service. The team ensures that their client is best advised on every possible aspects of law.

Rajat Bansal money Advocate and the para legal and back up staff are also efficient and compliant with sound law back ground. Advocate Rajat Bansal ‘Money’ is himself in the panel of lawyers of U.P.P.C.L., Allahabad Bank and Life Insurance Corporation.

Area of Expertise:

Our service area has expanded to cover almost all aspects of law served by our team. Rajat Bansal ‘Mney’ Advocate with full legal service team with the key areas of services in litigations, arbitration maters, documentations and preparing due diligence reports.

Principal Area of Services:

Matrimonial/ Family Matters – We opine and advise on Indian Matrimonial Laws and legal system. We provide services and legal assistance pertaining to all the laws of Marriage and Divorce.

Arbitration and Conciliation and Corporate Transaction: We conduct litigation of Arbitration in India, dispute arising in Banking sector, commodities, commercial contracts, sale of goods, debt recovery and due diligence reports.

Property and Real Estate Resolution: We also conduct in all aspect of strategic planning, dispute in real estate, property ownership, lease agreement and provide due diligence.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution: We conduct and offer service in commercial litigations, civil and criminal matters in High Courts and all forums of Law in India.

Office Address:

610/73A, Keshav Nagar, Near Central Bank, Sita Pur Road, Lucknow.

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Best Advocate in Lucknow

Legal issues are very hectic to deal, not everyone knows how to deal with them. We offer the premium legal services to the clients. We put our efforts to give the best possible result without damaging the client’s reputation. My team has the team spirit and dedication towards the clients. I try to offer the best knowledge and suggestions as of the superior of my team. We work together to give the best results.

We aim to deal with the legal issues as competent to rapidly and professional counsel the clients. Our satisfactory clients consider us as Best Advocate in Lucknow.  We maintain the quality of our work and handle every legal issue, whatever they are. We believe in maintaining the long-term professional affiliation and the long-term association with our clients. Read More

Best Lawyer in Lucknow

I am Advocate Rajat Bansal, practicing in Lucknow with the experience of more than 13 years. I provide services in the matters of Divorce Cases, Domestic Violence cases and other Matrimonial issues. I also provide services in litigation and non-ligation matter of the Contract’s Conditions, Commercial Transaction, Construction Law, Arbitration, Corporate Law, Property Law, Due Diligence Report so on. I also provide consultation and advisory on various implications of the criminal law and general litigations.

My areas of practice expanded to all the aspects of law and regulations: –

  1. Services in litigation,
  2. Arbitration matters,
  3. Documentation
  4. Preparing due diligence report.
  5. Divorce Cases
  6. Marriage Registration etc etc.

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Domestic Violence Lawyer in Lucknow

It is possible that you have to retain the services of the domestic violence  lawyer in the long run due to various reasons. The thing is that you should know how to tackle the situation at that time and also how to avoid it, if it can be done. It is essential for you to have the right one by your side. To get so, we as a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Lucknow are the most desirable ones that can help you know what is right for you and can be helpful in the long run.

Well, a cruelty is a traumatic event in anyone’s life. It may be in different form like Mental Cruelty, Physical Cruelty and so on.

Well, understanding the whole legal process for anyone’ is quite a baffling task as one has to understand the complex procedures. Though, to take it simple and easy you must us as Domestic Violence Lawyer in Lucknowto file your petition in a very easy process. Though, you must always choose an attorney who is confident with your divorce procedure to take it in the right way. So, the question arises that how can you find the person to whom you can confidently entrust your future? Well, we are the best divorce lawyer in lucknow and leading advocate as we can help and assist you in right way so that you can lead your future in right path!  Read More

Lucknow Advocate for marriage

Many going to be married couples will concede that they postponed seeking legal marriages in light of the fact that either the entire procedure appeared to be excessively convoluted or they were stressed about the time durations it may take. This is understandable, yet a life changing choice, as everybody wants to have a legal marriage without any problem. To marry your spouse with as meager complexities, deferrals, and battles as could reasonably be expected, a right advocate to precede your marriage is essential. You can choose us, as a leading advocate for marriage in lucknow!

Why to choose us as a best advocate for marriage?

Our firm was established on one clear establishment: We intend to give the most ideal legitimate direction to our customers to convey attractive outcomes. That is the reason we buckle down each day to discover imaginative legitimate answers for your problems. Our advocate for marriage lawyers is totally committed to serving your interesting needs, and we do everything inside our lawful and moral handle to guarantee that your rights have been shielded from start to finish! Read More

Divorce Advocate in Lucknow!

Are you are thinking to take a divorce with your spouse? To get the best alternative and adversarial approach is us as a leading Divorce Advocate in Lucknow. a divorce cases comes in the area of family laws where highly professional and experienced attorney helps to get separation,  compromise, negotiate and creates a healthy and friendly environment throughout the divorce process. Well, when a divorces process happen the couple and their family members go through emotional stress. But by hiring an effective divorce lawyer you can make a way to end your marriage without the resentment, acrimony and anger.

The advantages of hiring divorce advocate in Lucknow!

You can choose us as we are well experienced and knowledgeable on divorce cases, and you will have more control to get better outcomes in your case. With us, you can voice your opinions by knowing that you will be heard. You will get guaranteed settlement based on the issues of compromise, child custody in fair plays so that the judge can make a fair decision for you which can effete your life in a beneficial way. Read More

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